Five Cup Fruit Salad                      

submitted by Holly J. Bernstein- Riverside, CA.                       

Carrot Pineapple Salad                 

submitted by Tommy June Lappin - Cypress, CA.                       

Calico Cabbage Slaw                    

submitted by Lousie Finely - Riverside, CA.                    

Exotic Chicken Salad                    

submitted by Carol Tufts - Van Nuys - CA.                     

Tomatoes Italian                               

submitted by Ruth Lawrence - Northrige, CA.                      

Lime Jello Salad                            

submitted by Lottie Riekehof - Arlington, VA.                       

Hawaiian Salad

submitted by Nolane Stewart- Acton, CA.  


Frozen Fruit Salad                        

submitted by Madge Peoples- Yucaipa, CA.                        

Quick Dessert Salad                     

submitted by Carolyn B. Norris - Kneeland, CA.


Almond Cottage Cheese Casserole

submitted by  Beatrice Lindgren - Lynwood, CA.

Broccoli Peas Casserole                 

submitted by Linda J. Jennings - Knoxville, TN.


Green Bean Casserole                  

submitted by Thiry Buckman - Laurel, MD.                     

Broccoli Casserole

Madge Peoples - Yucaopa, CA.

Portugese Bean Soup 

submitted by Martha Joyce- Boise ID.                          

Clam Chowder    

submitted by Vicki Scott - Woodland Hills, CA.                          


Your Favorite Fish

submitted by Rose Zucker - Granada Hills, CA.                         

Salmon Stew

submitted by  Mrs. Hazeline Fant - Reseda, CA.


Pasty Pies

submitted by Joyce Robins - Marysville. WA.                        


Cottage Enchiladas    

submitted by Wanda Hoagland - Los Osos, CA.                         


Chili Relleno                                  

submitted by Patty C. Herrera - Riverside, CA.                        

Cream Tacos                                 

submitted by Jill Ward - Salem OR.                          

My Own Chili  

submitted by Gail Hamilton - Northridge CA.


Cottage Cheese Patties            

submitted by Jacklyn Golden- Santa Fe Springs, CA.                         

Marvelous Mostaccioli    

submitted by  Colleen O’ Brien - Rolling Hills,  CA.                        


Baked Steak         

submitted by  Leo M.  Jacobs - Oakland, CA.                      

Pot Roast Diablo            

submitted by  Earl Britton - Butte, MT.                      

Rice Dish                                       

submitted by  Leo H. Wills- Australia                


Honey Chicken         

submitted by  Joan Joyce - Billings, MT.                      


Sweet Sour Chicken         

submitted by Danette Cannole- Oak Harbor, WA.                      

Chicken Dish

submitted by Betty Connole -  Kirkland, WA.                      

Chicken Rice Casserole         

submitted by Lola Cutler - Endicott, WA.

Hamburger Bean Casserole                   

submitted by Linda Jennings - Knoxville, TN.                   

More Hamburger Casserole

submitted by Frances Hulbert - Palmdale, CA.                    


Easy Casserole                              

submitted by Nicky Nichols - Crestline, CA.                      

Oriental Casserole              

submitted by Mrs. Vernon Birch - Hemet, CA.                       


Chop Suey Casserole        

submitted by Mae Geier - Endicott, WA.


Scalloped Ham Casserole              

submitted by  Shirli Welder - Acton, CA.                      

Mom’s Peanut Butter Fingers       

submitted by Mary Cay Lowber - Anchorage, AK.                         

Congo Bars                                    

submitted by Pam Amundsen - Oakland, CA.                          

Butter Bars                                   

submitted by Marvin Neuschwanger -Des Monine, IA.   

Peanut Butter Candy Bars           

submitted by Mary Robins - Butte, MT.                          

Honey Milk Balls                          

submitted by Diane Conti -Cave Springs, CA.                          

My Best Fudge                             

submitted by Ruth Y. Skinner - Northridge, CA.                          

Rainbow Cookies                         

submitted by Marjorie Bell Holcomb - Fremont, CA.                          

Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies        

submitted by Mikie Joyce - Boise, ID.


Five Hundred Year Old Cookies 

submitted by Ginny Wengal - Port Orchard, WA.


Butterscotch Crumble                  

submitted by Benjamin Hughes - Los Angeles, CA.                         

Orange Supreme Cake                   

submitted by Mrs. La Rue Emmer - Riverside CA.                          

Mayonnaise Cake                                

submitted by Mrs. Willie Kelly - La Habra, CA.                           

Pound Cake                                  

submitted by Mary Stakle -Boise, ID.                          

Fourteen Karat Cake                                 

submitted by Mary Jo August - El Segundo, CA.                          

Vableek’s Chocolate Cake  

submitted by Verda Joyce - Geraldine, MT.                          

Red Velvet Cake                                

submitted by Lyn Miller - Thousand Qaks, CA.   


Pineapple Pie                              

submitted by  Willena, Gallimore - St. Augustine, FL.                   

Texas Cake

submitted by  Mrs. Bert G. Robins -Columbus, OH.                        

Never Fail Pie Crust                      

submitted by Beverly Raines- Sepulveda, CA.


Lemon Pie                                      

submitted by Ann Kimber Walsh - Lancaster WA.                    

Fruit Torte                                     

submitted by  Fran O’ Farrell, Butte, MT.                          

Chocolate Pie                            

submitted by Karen Joyce - Billings, MT.             


Jiffy Cobbler                                    

submitted by Thiry  Buckman - Laurel, MD.


Amazing Coconut Pie                    

submitted by Michelle Graham - Saugus, CA.                        

Pumpkin Bread                            

submitted by  Bonne Joyce - Acton, CA.

Zucchini Bread  

submitted by Dolores F. Parlatoi -Rochester. N.Y.  

Cranberry-Nut Coffee Cake                

submitted by Carol Johansen -Acton, CA.

Twelve Season Butter Bread  

submitted by  Kolma Flake - Redondo  Beach, CA.

Bran Muffins

submitted by Carol Tufts - Van Nuys, CA.                          

Wheat Germ Biscuits          

submitted by Jai Belcher - Canoga Park, CA.


Cheesy Drop Biscuits          

submitted by Majorie Bell Holcomb - Fremont, CA.

Banana Nut Bread

submitted by Lillian Davidson - Chula Vista, CA.                         


submitted by Mrs. Seymour Bernstein - Riverside, CA.                                     

Date Nut Spread                           

submitted by  Rhea Camarata - Santa Ana, CA.      

Crab Dip                                        

submitted by  Cecilia Thiel - Redondo Beach, CA.   

Salmon Party Ball                         

submitted by Pauline Poire -Pasco, WA.


Hot Broccoli Dip                            

submitted by Kay Richardson - Riverside, CA.

Crab Puffs                                     

submitted by  Mary Keane - Butte, Montana    

Sauce Ala Rus  

submitted by Dierdra B. - Van Nuys, CA.   


by  Gayle Joyce

and Laurene Gallimore

The Visual

Language Cookbook

Tropical Fruit Drink

submitted by  Patti Lester - Hollywood, CA      

Sparkling Punch

submitted by  Micah Janel- Los Angeles, CA     


Grenadine Pomegranate               

submitted by  Darby Paco - Acton, CA     

Friendly Tea               

submitted by  Sandra Dee Ammons - Washington, D.C.      

Orange Gingerale    

submitted by Sue Ueland - Fresno, CA.     


Banana Supershake      

submitted by Francesca Trexler -Dallas, OR.            

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